Mosby Time

I realized belatedly that I didn’t update the blog¬†2.5 weeks ago when, after a long talk with a wonderful surgeon, we decided not to do the surgery and instead to¬†proceed with Mosby’s chemo schedule. There were just more “cons” than “pros” with the surgery scenario, so we are focusing on chemo for now, and we can and will reevaluate the sarcoma at each subsequent chemo visit and going forward. So two weeks ago last Thursday, Mosby had his fourth (!) chemo treatment. It was also three months since his amputation. Really unbelievable.

He handled that chemo even better than the last, and never lost his appetite. The next week, we went to see his PT vet, who x-rayed his spine. The good news is that there was no visible spread of the osteo. Unfortunately, he does have compressed disks in his lower back and neck, which explains a lot of his pain symptoms. We are staying on the methocarbamol and upped his gabapentin a little. The meds he’s on now seem to be a good mix, and he has been happy and full of personality.

This weekend, we finally took a trip we’ve been meaning to take for years. There is a cabin a little east of here on several acres, that’s dog friendly. This is our first time taking Mosby anywhere post-amputation, so we were a little anxious about how he’d handle the traveling and the new place (being a creature of habit, he’s not the biggest fan of leaving his nice comfortable home where everything is where it’s supposed to be). But he handled it great! We started cooking dinner as soon as we got to the cabin, and the routine of it settled Mosby right in. He even adjusted to using the bathroom in a strange place (which is difficult for him)! He slept through the night both nights, and enjoyed snoozing in front of the fire (and getting lots of treats). We took him for a couple of walks – not very long, but probably long for him – with lots of breaks to stop and smell the outdoors and the various critters. I think it is safe to say that Mosby enjoyed his weekend, and we certainly enjoyed our Mosby. <3

King of the Ridge.
What was that? Squirrels?
I love the smell of squirrels in the morning.
Can’t beat a warm fire.

Normal Days

Things have been pretty quiet around here, which is nice. That may change this week, because on Thursday Mosby will be evaluated for surgery to remove/biopsy the sarcoma on his remaining hind leg. I still don’t really know how invasive or disruptive that is going to be. I know that it is going to be hard to get the deep margin. I know we need to do it, so at least we know what we’re dealing with. Mosby’s main problem these days, since his med switch has helped his back, is weakness in that remaining leg. So I am definitely nervous about this, but I know this is the right way to proceed, so I’m just going to keep moving forward and taking it one day at a time.

Today was a barn day! And Mosby’s favorite, Cindy Lou Hoo was there! We love her and would steal her if it didn’t mean taking her from her mom, who is also one of our favorites. It was a gorgeous day, although the wind was a bit chilly! Mosby had a good day but his leg is worn out, for sure.

My menagerie! Co-starring Cindy Lou, of course.
Tired Mosby and sweet Cindy.
Enjoying the sunshine.
Finally, here’s Mosby on our front porch while I was picking up limbs in the yard (he’s a huge help, obvs). He’s ready for summer and porch weather – so am I!!