Good Days and Visitors

Mosby continues to do well. We haven’t started his metronomic chemo yet, because he had some tummy issues for a week or two. They came and went, so we kept thinking he was getting better, but finally took him to the vet. All labs and x-rays are good (poor guy must be an expert at chest x-rays by now), so they treated his symptoms with some meds and things are good now. Something must have just gotten him out of whack. But he’s better, and the vet only had good things to say about him, and was happy he was doing so well (it’s the first time he’s seen him since he was so sick on the Cipro a while back).

This weekend my parents are visiting with their shar pei, John Henry. Mosby and JH get along pretty well, although Mosby wonders why he has a little fuzzy caterpillar sitting in his beds.

Look at that happy boy and his blurry tail.
Mosby isn’t 100% sure he really wants to share his bed, but John Henry has decided that Mosby’s fancy Orvis bed is definitely the best.
Ok, Mosby decided he could relax, even if it meant giving up half his bed (although Mosby frequently sleeps like this anyway, so it probably wasn’t a huge deal).

Onward and Upward

Mosby has had a good couple of weeks. He is a happy boy, enjoying his new house, trips to the barn, and daycare.

On Thursday he had his 3 week checkup following the end of his carbo treatment. His bloodwork is good and there is nothing visible on his chest x-rays. We were given the choice of metronomic treatment. I’m somewhat ambivalent on this. There are no studies that show it makes a difference in the prognosis; it seems to be more of a “well, it can’t hurt,” treatment, provided that your dog doesn’t react poorly to it. Other than stomach issues, the main side effect that it can have is that long term, it can impact blood marrow. It will require more frequent bloodwork and checkups.

Chris and I decided that we will at least try it, and if it impacts Mosby’s quality of life in any way, we will stop it. We certainly want to give him every chance at a longer life, but only if he hasĀ a great quality of life. He’s such a happy and bright boy right now, so if that changes at all, we’ll stop the chemo.

Haven’t taken too many pictures lately. Mosby had a good trip to the barn last Sunday. His brother Arlo pulled his shoe that morning – in his stall, which takes some talent – so I couldn’t ride, so I groomed him and we hung out.

Hanging out in the tall grass.
Mosby’s brother Arlo is not sure what he thinks about the dog lurking in the tall grass … but he sure looks awfully cute here!