Sometimes You Just Need a Puppaccino

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Today was a big day for Mosby – the first day he held down the fort all by himself (ok, with an hour long visit from our sitters in the middle of the day) while we were at work. For now he’s crated, but we are working out how to confine him to a larger space where he still won’t get into trouble (this dog, who is a saint in company, can find trouble no matter how hard … like the time he hid bags of bread in the stuffing of my big chair). But he did a great job, and Sally on the Tripawds forums, after talking me down off a ledge of uncertainty (uncertainty is very hard for a Type A person like myself, just FYI), suggested that Mosby needed a puppaccino. Yes, he definitely did need a puppaccino.

So we loaded him up in the MUV (Mosby Utility Vehicle), which is my 4-Runner with a luxury Mosby suite in the back (believe me, it’s the only luxurious thing about that truck … and this isn’t a post-amputation thing, he’s always had a luxury suite in the back … kind of makes it hard to actually put luggage in it when we go somewhere.) and went to Starbucks.

Is that an entire cup filled with whipped cream?
Yes, yes it is.

Sometimes you gotta take time to taste the puppaccino.

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5 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Need a Puppaccino”

  1. Yay for puppuccinos! and I’m sure the colonel was glad to finally have some free time without all his servants running around constantly underfoot! Glad to hear he is doing well and living in the lap of luxury!

    Kat and Astro

  2. .AKING MY DAY OVER HERE!!!! Saw your forum post and couldn’t wait to hop over here so I could smile some more!

    And such fun learning more about the antics of the Colonel, the GREAT COLONEL MOSBY!! Hiding his stash of bread in your chair! He just wanted to make sure the twomofnyiu had a snack later without having to get up to fix yourself one kater! Such a thoughtful boy!

    And Mosby having his own MUV !!! 🙂 This boy is sooooo loved, so very loved!!!

    As far as visiting “the edge”. I just tossed you a ripe, but YOU had the courage to pull yourself back onto firm ground! Your love for Mosby is so strong and so deep you will ALWAYS have the strength to deal with anything thrown yiur way. Besides,I have lots of rope in case you need it again:-)

    Love EVERYTHING about Mosby’s blog today! ESPECIALLY seeing pictures of this sweet and gentle boy savoring his Starbucks!! He doesn’t even need a napkin (u like Merry Myrtw who needs a bib and a bucket!!

    Lots of love!!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  3. You are such a great pet owner! We need to take a page from your book and give Royal his own space in the back seat of our Malibu. Sometimes it’s the little things that will make your day brightest! Thanks for sharing such cute pictures!

  4. That is so funny. While I was reading this I thought of an SUV lowered, with a crazy kit that allows you to “bounce” around and a very loud stereo system so you are doin’ the “MOSBY” while gettin’ a puppachino for your boy… and bouncin’ the car while he is in the luxury suite….lol. Seriously. NOICE JOB. Silly Mosby. Sorry for being an idiot – but thank you for inspiring me to be….an idiot.

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