Barn Day

Another day, another trial for Mosby. Through all of the ups and downs, the one good thing Mosby has had these 5+ weeks is his appetite. Well, he lost that yesterday. It’s been a battle getting him to eat the last couple of days. He eats a few things but turns his nose up at most food, including most people food, and his favorite treats. It’s really heartbreaking. He also started refusing peanut butter and easy cheese, which we were putting his pills in. So now that has become a heart wrenching battle to get his pills down him, because he really fights it. He was so good about taking pills, without any tricks, before all this started.

We took him to the barn today hoping that it would cheer him up and possibly give him an appetite. While he did enjoy his time there, it wore him out, and didn’t improve his appetite (and now he’s eating fewer things). I’ve been in close contact with his oncologist, and we will probably end up taking him in tomorrow for an injection of an anti-nausea drug, some subcutaneous fluids, and possibly an appetite stimulant. I’m hoping for a miracle, that he’ll be back to normal and hungry tomorrow, but if not, we have a backup plan.

I did take a lot of pictures of our outing, though, even though it was cold and windy.

Enjoying the view.
Big brother Arlo, looking a little mangy since I’ve been out so rarely this winter.
I can never get a good picture of the two of them together. Arlo is sticking his tongue out.

We heard the unfortunate news that Cindy Lou Hoo has moved to Florida with her mom for the winter!! Unfortunate for us, fortunate for Cindy and her mom, both of whom we love – hopefully they enjoy the sunshine but come back before too long! Luckily, Mosby’s friend Anna was there, and they enjoyed visiting.

Happy pups.


Visiting. That’s an Arlo butt on the left.
Probably the best photo of the two of them together! Mosby in the background.
Corky is curious to see what Mosby is up to.

Last, but not least, yesterday we received the beautiful Tripawds collar tag that Rene made. It has a sheriff star on the front with the Tripawds logo, and on the back it says “Colonel J.S. Mosby.” It’s a gorgeous tag, and very, very well-made. I knew Mosby needed the sheriff star, because back when I worked for a wonderful Judge, the Judge let me bring Mosby to work at the courthouse. He was everyone’s favorite, and one day Mosby was deputized by the Judge and Sheriff. Full on paw-in-the-air sworn in, with the Judge in his robes and everything.

Beautiful! Thank you, Rene!!

12 thoughts on “Barn Day”

  1. His tag is beautiful. Even though his day at the barn didn’t resolve the eating issues, I’m sure he loved it!

  2. Mosby! Go eat, you! (We used warmed canned dog food, not sure that helps at all, but warming it releases even more taste apparently)
    Manni grew up around horses, too and while he’s been caught licking yoghurt off a horses leg (tendon problems) he was known for eating carrots πŸ₯• all day. The one thing he got from that was very distinctly orange, well, poo 😊You could always tell where he went.

    Mosby, Chemo sucks, cancer sucks even more. Manni and I Hope your appetite returns real soon!!! And then go and kick some cancer-butt!!
    Manni and Tina

    1. Thanks! We tried warming the food a little today, it seemed to help. That’s so funny about barn dogs and carrots, must be a thing! Mosby is trying to get hit tummy back on track!

  3. What great photos – but distressed for you that Mosby’s appetite is declining. Really hope the anti-nausea and appetite stimulant can have the desired effect.

  4. I’ve been watching for BARN DAY and almost missed it! And I’m so glad I’m getting to peek in on the adventure of Mosby and Arlo and Corky!!

    Mosby looks so happy to be with his pals! He really is the perfect example of living in the NOW and enjoying the heck out of it!!

    And while his humans worry about his eatir habits (or lack thereof), he’s just moving along completely free from worry and stress!’ Ahhh, the bliss of BEING DOG!!

    And Arlo is an exquisitely handsome boy! Stunningly handsome!

    So glad he got to see his pal Anna too. They look so happy with their tails waggin’ like crazy!!

    And I absolutely LOVE his Sherrif’s Star! What a wonderful treasure!! And the visual of Colo el J.S Mosby being sworn I. By a Judge as an official Sheriff…absolutely priceless!!

    I just love getting to know Mosby! In fact, I just love Mosby!! πŸ™‚

    Love and hugs!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    1. That’s interesting, I’ll discuss with my vet.
      I wonder if that’s similar to the one food that Mosby would eat until today.

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