2nd Round Down

Right now I’m watching Mosby run in his sleep as he is snoozing on his bed. Today he went to see the oncologist, and his CBC and kidney function were both normal, so he got his 2nd treatment of carboplatin. They say it went well, and he ate all of his dinner when I brought him home. He seems like he is in good spirits (but tired).

The vet aspirated the lump we found in his armpit, and she could only find fatty cells, so it seems it’s another of his lipomas, which is a relief. Meanwhile, the surgeon evaluated the sarcoma lump on his remaining hind leg, and thinks the surgery will be doable, although the deep margin will be tough (it’s on his thigh muscle), which we knew. It still needs to be removed, though, so the tentative plan remains to do his 3rd chemo treatment, wait two weeks, do the surgery, then resume chemo. Full steam ahead.

We like to have one of us stay with him the day after chemo rather than leave him in his crate, so my husband is taking off work tomorrow to stay with Mosby. I told them not to get into too much trouble! I have a feeling they’ll snooze most of the day away, though. Then it will be the weekend! Even though the weather looks like it will be bad this weekend, we’ll try to get Mosby out to the barn to see his big brother, Arlo. He loves the barn and I know he misses it. He has lots of doggy friends out there (including his BFF Cindy Lou Hoo, who we would adopt in a New York minute if we had the opportunity), plus lots to see and smell. After nearly 9 years, Mosby has finally reached the point where he is “ok” with his big brother, but when I first got him he’d whine and fuss while I was riding. He was very concerned that the large red beast would hurt his mom. But once he realized he could roam around the farm and check stuff out while I was riding, he started enjoying it.

It was actually at the barn that we first realized he likes carrots. One day I was just doing my thing with Arlo, and one of the other horse owners came up to me and said “Mosby sure likes carrots, doesn’t he?” Turns out Mosby had been successfully convincing all the other owners to give him carrots for weeks. Not that I mind – that’s a healthy snack! Mosby must have seen the horses eating them and decided it looked tasty enough.

As I wrote earlier, we installed nice gates in our house that we may never use because Mosby may be too much of a rascal to even have a small space to be in while we are gone. But not to worry, Mosby has found a good use for the gates. A footrest!

Please, sir, may I have some more?

2 thoughts on “2nd Round Down”

  1. What a handsome gentleman Mosby is! I love his white face.

    I hope his treatments continue to go well and the next surgery is a success.

    Keep finding carrots, Mosby 🙂

  2. I love reading anything and everything about Mosby! He is quite the character!

    I’m glad that Mosby and Arlo have become such good friends! And he and CindyLou Hoo thoroughly enjoy each other. I soooo hope Mosby can get to the barn this week end!! It will be soo good for everybody!! 🙂 And we MUST have pictures and/or video!! MUST!!

    Keep on rockin’ Mosby! Pretty darn good update so keep ’em coming!! 🙂

    Love and hugs!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    PS…BTW…Great use of the baby gate!

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