A DNA Surprise

On Monday at Mosby’s PT vet appointment, we discussed his back and his remaining hind leg. The vet did not see any obvious issues with his hind leg, and feels that his back issues are likely muscle spasms, but that we need to rule out metastasis to the spine. We will have to go back in for more xrays for that. In the mean time, we are treating him for as if it is back spasms. He’s off the tramadol (which has questionable analgesic qualities in canines anyway), and on a higher dose of gabapentin and is now on methocarbamol, a muscle relaxer.┬áHe’s also back at daycare this week – while he is certainly somewhat more at risk post-chemo for infections, his quality of life is 10x better when he can go to daycare, so it is a balancing act. And through some combination of the above – med change, daycare, etc., he’s doing great! He’s perky, interested, has a great appetite and is just generally happy. He does still pant every time he moves around. Not sure if it’s pain or exertion (he did get behind on the post-amp fitness curve when he got sick); time will tell. He does not whine or seem distressed, so that is good. He’s feeling so good that we’re starting to have to monitor him. My husband was working out back and Mosby went down the deck steps by himself. :/ And then when my husband walked up the hill around the house, Mosby happily ran after him.

So things are much less stressful in our house right now. We have about 2 weeks now until he will get reevaluated for his surgery to remove his sarcoma on his remaining hind leg. We will concentrate on just letting him enjoy this time, relax, be in a routine, and not worry about stuff.

Here is Mosby not worrying. Note the beautiful orange “bridge” to this bed. It was one of the few spots that we didn’t have a runner to, since it’s not on his main circuit, and Mosby would somehow skate across the hardwood floors to this bed. So, I fixed it with a bridge. He likes that spot because he can see out the front windows.

On to the DNA test!! I’ve had Mosby 9 years. When I first got him, people asked me if he was a Rhodesian Ridgeback, because he was built like one and was a red color.

Look how handsome! The only white on his face was the snow. This was right after I got him.
At our first apartment.

But I always told people he was a lab / hound mix. Lab because he has a lab head, hound because he was built lean and tall, with a wasp waist, like a hound. I have thought he probably has some Pit in him, but other than that, I’ve basically just always considered him a “lab mix.”


I felt like I belonged on a daytime talk show when we got the Wisdom Panel results back. There is NO identifiable lab OR hound in this dog!

Mainly, he is good old fashioned American mutt. Wisdom Panel only goes back 3 generations, and Mosby is so mixed that 37.5% of him is just “mixed breed.” The groups identified as likely are “companion, sporting, herding and terrier.” So, technically, there could be some lab in there. But no hound.

Next, he is 25% golden retriever, so that is where he gets the retriever qualities, rather than lab.

Then he is equal parts (12.5%): Pit, Australian Shepherd and Boxer.

Of everything, we only guessed Pit! I think the Boxer is where he got his wasp waist and deep, deep chest.

I texted my mom his results, and she texted back “and 100% sweet Mosby.” Which is true. We always knew Mosby is one of a kind and a once in a lifetime type of dog. This just confirms it! Although I’m still blown away.

Mosby doing what he does best – run! Also taken when I first got him. We logged many miles together!

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