One Day at a Time

Yesterday Mosby had his third round of carboplatin (after “great” bloodwork and lab work and nothing visible on his chest xrays). To say that we have been nervous would be an understatement. It was after the last chemo treatment that he went so far downhill so fast, culminating in 24 hours in the hospital on IV fluids (despite having “perfect” lab work), then another decline when he stopped eating and drinking almost entirely, until we finally took him off the cipro and he became a totally different dog. So, we have been hoping that the adverse reaction that he had was the cipro and not the chemo. Otherwise we’d be heading down the same road after round 3 and reevaluating whether we wanted to continue at all.

Mosby ate his dinner heartily yesterday (although he has over the past couple of weeks come to prefer us feeding him with a spoon …), seemed in good spirits, and crashed for the night. But we knew today was going to be the first real test. This day three weeks ago he didn’t eat breakfast. Later he ate some chicken and rice my husband cooked him, but didn’t eat it the second time it was offered. That was the start of a bad week and a half.

This morning, he ate his full breakfast. There was a moment after breakfast when I went to give him his meds (I reward him with peanut butter) when he turned away from the peanut butter and I felt my stomach sink. But he turned back, and then after I gave him his meds, he ate the peanut butter off the spoon. One of the meds was the ondansetron for nausea. I determined to leave him alone food-wise and not try to ply him with things until his mid-day snack (w/ his mid-day meds).

I worked from home today, and he was my little shadow. His mood was bright, he wagged his tail every time I moved or made a sound. We had folks over landscaping and doing drywall and he was interested in all of them. He barked when the post man rang the doorbell. Around 11 I was munching on some crackers and Mosby was eyeing me closely. I offered him a little piece, and he ate it happily. Ok, good sign.

He also ate his mid-day snack with gusto. Was bright all afternoon. Ate his dinner. And is generally a happy dog. I realize that this is just day 1 — we have more post-chemo days to come. But this day was a good day, and the best part is that compared to day 1 three weeks ago, it’s night and day. So, day 1 is mostly over. Tomorrow we move on to day 2, and we’ll see how it goes.


My associate. Honestly he wasn’t much help all day. Slept on the job.


At one point we retired to the library, where we both had a quick nap.


Then we enjoyed the beautiful weather and sat outside waiting for dad to come home.

Alright, day 2. We are ready for you!

Bonus! We did the Wisdom Panel DNA test with Mosby and our results came back earlier this week. Any guesses as to what Mosby might be (other than 100% sweet Mosby, as my mom said)? I will reveal in my next blog post.

5 thoughts on “One Day at a Time”

  1. Sweet Mosby! Love his lounging pics.

    Happy to hear he’s responding better to this round of chemo – prayers that he continues on his bright path :-).

    Jeanette & Boone


    Looooooooooooooving this update! 🙂 And loving your adorable pictures just as much! 🙂

    Okay..the DNA….Lab, Retreiver, some really big dog…perhaps Anatolian Shepard or Mastiff…and maybe some DNA from the original Grey Ghost Colonel Mosby’s dog! 🙂

    We’ll be waiting…….


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  3. YAY. So glad that he is doing better this time. hmmmm. DNA… I say lab, shepherd, Dane, with a little bit of Pitt. Now that’s a mix!

  4. That’s what we say as well one day at a time 🙂 Glad he is feeling better. Our pup had the same chemo and it usually took a day for him to get his appetite back to normal- he’d eat but very little the day following chemo. He’s now on chemo pills, which don’t seem to have any effect on his appetite. Can’t wait to hear on the DNA we want to do the same!! We are also guessing he’s part Lab!

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