Last Carbo Treatment

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Well, it’s amazing that we have reached the day that seemed impossibly far away a few months ago. Today, 4 months and 1 week to the day from Mosby’s amputation, Mosby received his 6th and final carbo treatment. If you followed Mosby’s saga at all, you’ll know that Mosby had a lot of struggles and setbacks early on, but things have been fairly smooth since he came off the Cipro between treatments 2 and 3, and treatments 3-5 were all a breeze. Hopefully this one will be as well. Mosby is currently relaxing beside me on the carpet … he came home to an empty house. Today the movers came and moved us out (although we’re camping on an air mattress (memory foam for the prince) here tonight). Tomorrow, good lord willing and the crick don’t rise, we close on the sale of this home and the purchase of our new home. So, Mosby has been pre-approved to attend both closings with us (one of the closing attorneys is a friend of a friend, and he jokingly said we would be required to bring Mosby’s ID), and our real estate agent said she will keep him cuddled.

Mosby received a certificate today, signed by his oncologist and all of the techs, and a “Cancer Fighter” bandana. I don’t feel celebratory, just relieved that it’s done, for his sake. Hopefully his recovery will go smoothly this time. His attitude lately has been so bright and happy – even with the pinched discs, and even with his remaining hind leg seeming weak. We can now¬†look back at how he was before the amputation, and compare his demeanor then to now, and even with the things I mentioned, it’s like night and day. And I never thought I’d say that, with his setbacks and all. Now, knock on wood.

Tomorrow and Saturday night we’ll be camping out at the new house, and then Sunday our stuff will get moved in. We have the most important things with us, though – RUNNERS!! And Mosby’s bed and treats and meds. And Mosby. All the important things.

Without further ado, here are some of the latest pictures of our boy.

Mosby came to work with me last Friday for a few hours and got lots of love! He got bored, though … he can only do a couple hours at the office, even though my office neighbor brought in a bag of milkbones just for him. <3
Mosby checking out the landscaping at the new place!
A blurry Mosby and his certificate, which is an awful picture of him, but there you have it.
Mosby’s cancer fighter bandana.
Mosby loves the Panera patio, and so do we! Dog friendly = the best!

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5 thoughts on “Last Carbo Treatment”

  1. Your boy looks happy happy happy! Congratulations sweet boy! Busy weekend ahead for you all congrats too on the new home!

  2. Yay Mosby, you handsome hulk!

    I’m happy he’s doing well and hope there were no ill effects from this round!
    He has the bestest smile!
    And good luck with your move!

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