Sunny Days

Mosby had his 6 month ampuversary the other week, which is crazy – time really flies! He’s been doing well. He handles his daily chemo pill well, and we mainly work to manage his back and neck pain (discs). He enjoys his daycare and his yard. We FINALLY got sod in our yard, so Mosby has been enjoying that. He’s especially missed wallowing around in the grass on his back.

Today we went out to the barn, and he went all the way down to the pond to get Arlo with me – like old times. I recently purchased the Ruffwear Core Cooler, which is a cooling chest plate that you attach to the Ruffwear Web Master instead of the brush guard, and it worked great! It really helped him stay cool, and it was a hot day. That didn’t stop him from lying in a mud puddle, though, necessitating a hose-off of his belly.

Ok, on to pictures and hopefully a video!

Sod! Don’t worry, we are working on watering it regularly to make sure it takes root and thrives.
Sweet boy down at the pond, just like old times! Showing off his core cooler.
Sneaking in a picture of Arlo … who desperately needs to have his mane pulled, he looks like a pasture pony. 🙁

And hopefully a video of Mosby and Arlo?

One thought on “Sunny Days”

  1. WOW what a magnificent day for a magnificent Tripawd! Hoppy Ampuversary Colonel! You are rockin’ the Core Cooler, I’m so hoppy it’s working for you.

    P.S. We need more Argo time! What a beauty.

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