Two Weeks without Mosby

Today was my first day at the barn without Mosby. We’ve been at that barn for 10 years now, and, of course, 9.5 years of those were with Mosby, and it was his favorite place. Most pictures of me at the barn are with Mosby and Arlo. I have two photos that are especially precious to me – in both, I’m leaving the barn, heading up to the ring, with Arlo beside me and Mosby following along. One was taken probably in 2010 or so. The other was taken in late May. It was hard today. It was good to see Arlo, and he was a good boy. People were very nice, but it’s still hard to talk about losing Mosby. I’m sure that’ll get better in time.

Mosby had a habit of nibbling on grass whenever Arlo was grazing. I thought this picture was funny.
I know Mosby is a little hard to see in this photo, but it was always one of my favorites of my boys.
This was probably back around 2009 or 2010.
And this was taken in late May. I have to admit, it hurts to look at this picture. All that boy went through, and, still, there he was, following mom up to the ring.
Our last trip to the barn. Love you and miss you, Mosby. Love, mom.

4 thoughts on “Two Weeks without Mosby”

  1. I feel deeply for you. Mosby will always be with you in spirit, but I’m sure you know that… at this point I understand it just hurts!
    Take care
    Super Stu and his pack

  2. I know how hard this time is for you. Their passing leaves such a huge hole in our lives. I dont think it goes away, but it does become less intense. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos of your family.

  3. These pictures are truly sacred treasures. Each one speaks differently about the depth ofnyour companionship and what you mean to each other.

    As far as feeling “badly” a out Mosby following you tot eh barn in May…don’t…Mosby would NOT jave had it any other way! This is what he WANTED to do. He kept his life as “normal” as possible because, to him, it was!

    And that’s a lovely photo of you, Arlo and The Colonel by the flowering trees. And of course we can see Mosby just fine…..that frosty mug shines through just beautifully!!

    There’s something very special about Mosby bringing up the rear in the photo where itnlooks like you are all three headed into a misty morn surrounded by a peaceful light…a very beautiful and serene gentle light surrounding all three of you.

    Now, I know Arlo taught Mosby how to graze. If you told me Mosby taught Arlo how to lift his leg to pee… that’s a bonded pair! 🙂

    Thank yiu for sharing these special moments withnus. It makes us all feel closer to Mosby…..and we like that very much!

    Love and light

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  4. Kerry,
    I know the last couple weeks have been awful for you and I am so deeply sorry. I think it is wonderful that you were able to visit Mosby’s favorite spot as I’m sure you could feel his spirit everywhere and picture him there protecting the flank for you and Arlo. His spirit will always be right there and you can feel him right along side you at the barn.
    I love those pictures, the three of you make a beautiful trio and I can’t believe Mosby is grazing! Those pictures from behind of him with four legs and then with three are precious.
    He loved you so much just as you loved him.
    Big hugs to you
    ❤️ Amy & Rusty

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