Acupuncture Day

One nice thing about the last few weeks is that I’ve been able to spend a lot more time with Mosby. While Mosby loves his daycare (and misses it!), with both my husband and I working a full time job and Mosby going to daycare every weekday, we really only spent time together on the weekends and weeknights. Now I work from home once a week or so to take him to appointments or just generally watch over him if he is having an issue. While it isn’t the same as our days when I was in law school and we could go on long runs every day, it’s been nice. I’m working at the kitchen table right now, and Mosby is snoozing on the bed right behind my chair.

Mosby still isn’t doing long sets of stairs, so this is what I looked downstairs to find after I went upstairs to get dressed this morning. Parked out waiting for me.

The harness is in my bed, so I guess I’ll just lie here. Sigh.

Those would be our guest bathroom rugs, which were among the first to be requisitioned for use on our hardwoods when Mosby started limping. Our house is basically a patchwork quilt of rugs and runners now.

Mosby’s first acupuncture appointment went well. The vet said that his back is basically a mess. He had some discomfort when the needles went in, because his muscles are basically knots, but then started to relax. The vet said that sometimes you don’t see the full effect until the second or third session if they are really sore. He seems pretty relaxed right now.

Porcupine dog. Not pictured: the two at the base of his neck that made him look like frankenpooch!

Mosby seems to be in good spirits in general. He is enjoying his meals and enjoying the peanut butter, Easy Cheese and liverwurst that we alternate his meds in. Here he is saying hello with a blurry wagging tail.

I’ll say hello but I’m too comfy to get up.

One thought on “Acupuncture Day”

  1. Oh M osby, you always make me smile. You’re just one of those very special dogs that fills our hearts with warm fuzzies every time I see o e of your photos. Okay, maybe your Porcupine impersonation wasn’t o e of your best warmy fuzzy picutre!

    It sounds like the Acupuncturist has a pretty good handle of the back issues Mosby is dealing with. Although I’ve not ised acupuncture, it’s my understanding that it does take several treatments sometimes for results to be noticeable. I know a Great Dane here named Atlas appeared to benefit greatly from it. And like Mosby, he seemed very relaxed after each session.

    Okay, one thing done from our “keep it chunked down ” list! I think it’s Thursday thst he’s due for the blood work up to see if the next chemo can proceed on schedule, right? Paws crossed!!

    Mosby must be the happiest pup in the Land with all the special treats he’s getting and having so much attention from his humans 🙂 Mosby is so loved and he knows it!! And he’s loved by us too!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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