Brand New Day

Right when we thought things had turned for the better after Mosby’s 24 hr hospitalization / IV fluids, they got worse again. Mosby was tired and stopped eating, and even stopped drinking except just a little bit. I was visualizing more ER visits, ultrasounds, more tests to figure out what was wrong with him. But we have also been waiting to get him off the Cipro they put him on for his staph infection. We had to wait for the results of a second culture that they did on his incision. I hadn’t heard, so I texted our vet Monday, and he replied that while the culture did grow a strain of staph, it was sensitive to more antibiotics (unlike the bad staph infection he had), and that it was possible it was just some bacteria that was on his skin rather than an infection. I told him his incision looks great, no sign of infection, and he gave us the go to take Mosby off the Cipro.

By Tuesday evening, Mosby had energy, greeted me at the door, and ate almost a full can of food for dinner. He also started eating his treats again, and drinking water. But today was even better. He wolfed down breakfast and later wolfed down dinner. He has energy, is a happy boy, and is eating. We are so, so, so happy that he is feeling good. I hope he never has to go on Cipro again!!

Mosby went to daycare Monday, and while he enjoyed seeing the other dogs, he mostly slept all day and wouldn’t eat treats. His daycare folks love him so much and were so happy to have him back, but Stephanie told me she cried after he left on Monday because he was so different from the dog they knew from before, and so tired and depressed (they have been taking care of Mosby almost as long as I’ve had him). When I dropped him off this morning, I told her I was dropping off a totally different dog.

I was right. By mid-morning, they were sending me texts saying how great he was doing, that he was playing, drinking water, and had a new girlfriend! They told me that they had posted pictures of him on facebook and texted me this picture:

Happy boy with his friends.

And here’s one of the pictures from facebook.

Sporting his Tripawds Foundation tag.

LOOK. AT. THAT. FACE. If that is not a happy dog, I don’t know what is. I am so, so relieved. He will be back at daycare tomorrow, and then I’m working from home on Friday and he’ll have his acupuncture appointment Friday morning. I think he will need it after all of the playing he has done this week! I’m so glad he is finally able to enjoy life again!! <3

5 thoughts on “Brand New Day”

  1. YAAAAAAAY for you and Mosby! So glad to read this post. He IS a happy smiling boy. BOOOOOO to Cipro and hope he never has it again.

  2. THESE PICTURES SAY IT ALL!!!!! THE COLONEL IS BACK!!! Mosby is definitely being Mosby again!!!

    Believe me, we are relieved right along with you and with everyone who has fallen in love with this sweet, sweet boy!!

    It’s just wonderful to see Mosby feeling so good again after all this rough, rough time!! And look at him with all his friends!! He’s a CHIC MAGNET!! 🙂

    Keep these GREAT blogs coming AND these great pictures!!

    Lots of love!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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